Match people to tasks


Alder Match API is a matching engine that matches people to tasks based on attributes such as interests, location, job performance and skills.

Powerful and friendly

Alder Match API is easy to use, developer-friendly and incredible powerful. It enables cutting edge task matching technologies in CRM products.

How does it work?

Alder Match API uses artificial intelligence to match people to tasks through a four step process.


Given a task and a set of persons, the matching engine retrieves previous cases from memory.


The most similar case retrieved from memory is adapted to solve the new case.


The adapted case is tested through simulations. If it do not work, the new case is adapted again.


If the adapted case solves the real-world problem, the adapted solution is stored back in memory.

Early access program

Alder Match API is at the forefront of cognitive matching engines. Join our early access program to get involved as an industrial partner.